Tipi with wooden floor

  • 4 Guests

Get the real feeling of Lithuanian nature – come and camp here!

We are offering you a nice way to spend some quality time in the valley of tipis – whether you plan a holiday here or just need to stay somewhere overnight. The tipi is a bit further from the main camping zone. Our tipis have been designed with a smoke cap so once you tie the flaps back, the smoke goes outside and the warmth is kept inside. Since the warmth comes from the fireplace, it is very important to keep it burning. Think about the people you choose to go on this adventure with.

This tipi comfortably fits 4 people. If you squeeze a bit, there might fit 7 people as well, depending on how you decide to sleep there – in pairs or separately. Indoor fireplace is suitable for cooking food and also works as a heater. You will find firewood and an ax.

We have an outside kitchen that is equipped with every tool you might need for grilling as well as cutlery, pots, pans, etc. The water we supply is usually brought from the lake and we use it in the washstands to do dishes and wash vegetables or fruits. We have a few outside toilets. We don’t have electricity nor do we have Wi-Fi as we choose to refuse to have it on purpose, but we do have some lights and candles to make your stay cozy when it gets dark.

What do you need to make sleeping in a tipi more comfortable?

During cool-season:

  • Tourist mat (better not the yoga one)
  • Woolen blanket OR two sleeping bags – summer and winter
  • Sleeping bag
  • Thermal underwear
  • Warm socks

During warm-season:

  • Tourist mat (better not the yoga one)
  • Sleeping bag

Home highlights

Pets welcome


Asalnų tipis

Asalnų tipiai

Asalnų tipis su grindimis

Asalnų tipis su grindimis

Asalnų stovyklavietės lieptas

Asalnų stovyklavietės taisyklės



Pets welcome

Kitchen and dining

Cooking utensils , Grill

House Rules

  • Pets welcome

Check-in: 03:00 PM

Check-out: 12:00 PM (noon)



Policy and notes


December 2023


About host


Esu šios stovyklavietės įkūrėja. Šis kraštas artimas tuo, kad čia buvo mano senelio tėviškė, tad jau nuo vaikystės pažindinausi su kraštovaizdžiu, tradicijomis bei bendraudavau su vietiniais gyventojais.
Aš ne tik rūpinuosi stovyklavietės užimtumu, atsakinėju į Tavo žinutes bei laiškus, bet esu ir žygių vadovė, organizuojanti turus, renginius ir kurianti SOLO maršrutus šiame krašte bei Labanoro regioniniame parke.
Šventai tikiu, kad per gamtą užmegzti ryšiai yra ypatingi ir juos reikia nuolat stiprinti, tad iki pasimatymo klajonėse!

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